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Exandria: An Intimate History | Narrated by Matthew Mercer

2021-10-13 46,511 130 443,015 YouTube

Take a deep lore dive into the history of how Exandria came to be, from the Founding, to the Calamity, to the Age of Arcanum, and beyond -- narrated by Exandria's architect and our very own Game Master Matthew Mercer. Join us for the premiere of Critical Role Campaign 3 on Thursday, October 21st at 7pm Pacific on and Check out all of the amazing artists who contributed to this video! Pieces are in order of appearance: The Arrival by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter) The Divergence by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter) Elves by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram) Dwarves by Ari Orner || @ornerine (Twitter) Humans by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter) Friendly Giant With Flowers by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter) Goblinkin by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter) Halflings by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter) Half Orc With Sheep by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter) Devilkin by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter) Illustrious Guardians by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram) Vasselheim, The Dawn City by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) God Symbols by Conceptopolis Three Spellcasters by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter) Age of Arcanum City by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter) Construct by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter) Planar Mage by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter) The Pursuit of Power by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Ghor Dranas by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter) Herd of the Damned by John Anthony Di Giovanni || @ja_dig (Twitter) Flame Reach Outpost by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter) Fall of the Mentor by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter) Spire of Conflux by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Star Razor by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Plate of the Dawn Martyr by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Agony by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Circlet of Barbed Vision by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Armor of the Valiant Soul by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter) Calamity by Andrey Vasilchenko || @drawborn (Instagram) Calamity's End by Svetoslav Petrov || @SvetoslavPetro9 (Twitter) Rifenmist by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter) Umbra Hills by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter) The Observer by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter) Emerald Citadel by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) Furnaces of Kraghammer by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter) Stillben by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) Elven Peaks by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) Reconstruction of Tal'Dorei by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter) Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter) Exandria Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter) Tal'Dorei Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter) Gwessar by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter) Emon Harbor by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) King Drassig by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram) Battle of Umbra Hills by Jeleynai || @Jeleynai (Twitter) Sovereign Tal'Dorei by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter) Nicodranas by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter) Rexxentrum Castle by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) The Barbed Fields by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter) The Tundra of Eiselcross by Jonah Baumann || @GalacticJonah (Twitter) Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk || @Zuzartii (Twitter) Oasis by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram) Thordak Throne by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter) Heroes Old & New by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter) #CriticalRole #Exandria