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Unboxing batman arkham asylum Game of the year GOTY for PS3 Rocksteady WB games

2016-03-31 12 Dailymotion

This is a review on Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY for the PS3, i got this with the Walmart bundle. It came with Batman Arkham city .\r
Unboxing Batman Arkham City GOTY PS3 Please subscribe to the channel.\r
Informações adicionais/úteis Data de Lançamento: 25/08/2009 (Versão Standard) 11/05/2012 (GOTY) 03/11/2011 (MAC) Gênero: Ação Publicadora: Eidos .\r
I Have Had This Game Before But Like I Say In The Video It Was The Standard Not The GOTY. I Explain Why I Had To Get Rid Of It In The Video.. This IS A Great .