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Best of Gamescom 2021 – Indie Arena Booth – Timberborn – Gameplay Teaser Trailer - Developer & Publisher Mechanistry - E3 - Devcom – GDC – PAX - Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show

2021-09-21 5 Dailymotion

Mechanistry announced that its lumberpunk city-building game Timberborn will enter early access on September 15, 2021. The game allows the player to pick a faction of post-apocalyptic beavers, build a colony on drought-stricken Earth, and play with water physics, destructible terrain, and vertical architecture. Timberborn launches on PC & Mac via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

Developers from Mechanistry argue that when Timberborn launches on September 15, the game will offer a unique take on the city-building genre. “Timberborn is all about beavers, and its lumberpunk setting works well with that. To survive in the dry wasteland, your beaver colony redirects rivers with dams and floodgates, terraforms, and cuts trees to build sophisticated machinery and vertical cities. At the same time, we can go wild with post-apocalyptic elements like dynamite or beaver breeding pods”, says Bartlomiej Dawidow, lead designer at Mechanistry.

Timberborn – Early Access highlights
● Two different beaver factions, each with unique buildings, visual style, and gameplay traits: expert farmers Folktails and the industrious Iron Teeth.
● Floodgates, canals, river control – all the cool beaver stuff that utilizes destructible terrain and water physics.
● Dry seasons – beavers need to irrigate the land to keep fields and forests alive even when the droughts hit. They use pumps, irrigation towers, reservoirs and more.
● Vertical architecture – buildings are stacked atop one another, allowing the player to create tall megastructures or vast cities spanned by platforms and bridges.
● Lumberpunk – the beavers build sophisticated machinery, use dynamite, and scavenge human ruins for resources.
● Running a living settlement: with individually simulated units, day-and-night cycles, and district mechanics, the player maintains a truly advanced wood-chewing colony.