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Best of Gamescom 2021 – Indie Arena Booth – Going Medieval – Sizzle Video - Developer Foxy Voxel – Publisher The Irregular Corporation - E3 - Devcom – GDC – PAX - Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show

2021-09-29 4 Dailymotion

Going Medieval is a journey through time to a dark age, as the known world is struggling to recover from a terrible plague. Survivors emerge from the ashes of society, and it is your responsibility to help them settle in hostile lands, where nature reigns supreme. Build a shelter for your people, help them imagine the future and protect them from animals, bandits and other dangers that lurk these wild lands in particularly difficult times.

Plan, design and build your camp using all the materials at your disposal. Protect your inhabitants from the elements like hunger, enemies and even the weather, and above all defend your colony from rival factions by building impenetrable multi-story fortresses, or by strategically placing your archers and traps. Observe the settlers: they each have their own history and agenda, and only a perfect understanding of their needs and responses tailored to their challenges will allow you to achieve your goals. Happy people are more productive, after all.

Going Medieval invites you to survive one of the darkest and most difficult times in human history. Anticipate major problems or you will fail, like many others before you. With almost infinite replayability, no part is like the last.