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Batman Arkham Origins - Kevin Conroy not returning as Arkham Batman?

2013-05-02 656 Dailymotion

Batman Arkham Origins News! Kevin Conroy not returning for next Arkham Game?

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So all the fuss is about the South African magazine called "NAG Magazine", which states that Kevin Conroy - you know BATMAN! Who has provided the voice for over 20 years! Along with adding his talents to Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, DC Universe Online and more recently Injustice: Gods Among Us! Won't be doing providing his voice for Batman: Arkham Origins!

More reasons to dread the direction WB Montreal is heading with the next Batman video game. Along with Batman not doing the game, RUMORS suggest that much of the Arkham cast will be recasted as well. Since Mark Hamill is only returning to voice The Joker for the Killing Joke Animated Feature.

Anyway WB's reason for recasting The Dark Knight, is because they say they are aiming for a Younger Bruce Wayne/Batman and feel Conroy isn't up to the task. Guess they never saw BATMAN Mask of the Phantasm (featured in this video) or Nolan verse Batman Gotham Knight Direct to Video Animated Film! Where BATMAN (Kevin Conroy) did 5 different Younger takes on The Caped Crusader!

I wish NAG was wrong on this story, but I fear they aren't. Though no official word on Kevin getting the axe. We will need to wait until Ben Mattes, Sr Producer at WB Game Montreal issues a statement. But the fact remains, tons of CREDIBLE Batman sites and personal sources say it looks grim for Gotham Protector. Plus many Batman Fans are fearing the worst and being very vocal on sites! Your's truely just made a video.

Personally recasting Batman is fine...for NON established universes. Arkham Universe (Earth) whatever, Batman is already Kevin Conroy. So having anyone be Arkham Batman that turns into present Arkham City Batman MAKES NO SENSE! My voice did not do a 360 from my Teens to Adulthood. So Batman's wouldn't either. Again I have no beef with other Actors playing Batman. Adam West, was a great campy live action Bats and did a fine job on the last seasons of the Super Friends. Keaton will always be my favorite Movie Batman...but Kevin Conroy for me will be Batman, until the Good Lord calls him home.

Sadly since Batman was not asked to voice the Dark Knight, what Actor would you like to see? Me IF Kevin can't do the roll for whatever reason my 2nd choice is Bruce Greenwood who voiced Batman in Under the Red Hood & Young Justice. Then again Troy Baker could probably do a decent Impression of Conroy....still this sucks!

Batman Voice Actors I wouldn't suggest are:

- Rino Romano
- Jeremy Sisto
- Diedrich Bader
- Ben McKenzie
- William Baldwin


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